About - Rachel Disley Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy in Penarth for sports injuries, muscle and join pain, women's health and all your physiotherapy needs. Serves Penarth, Cardiff, Barry and surrounding areas.
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Penarth Physio

Rachel Disley Physiotherapy

Rachel Disley Physiotherapy uses a range of up-to-date best practice manual and exercise therapies in the prevention of sports injuries (CSP Conference, Nov 2023), surgical prehab and rehabilitation and specialist women’s health physiotherapy.


After thorough consultation we provide bespoke progressive physiotherapy programmes that suit YOUR favourite activities and sports. With nearly 20 years of physiotherapy experience, we diagnose and identify contributing factors which need treatment to keep you active.


New for 2023:

Strength and Balance Classes Online 


“I’m so glad I started seeing you last year . The fact that we have the two regular classes gives some shape to my week during lockdown, so I’m really grateful for that.”       
Rosemary Palmer  (October 2020)


Prehab/ Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries/ Orthopaedic Surgery 


 “Snapped my ligament in my knee – had reconstruction op. Rachel was superb.  I had previously had 2 sessions of physio through work insurance  – with a main provider. Rachel stands well ahead on those.”
Dan Griffiths, Director – EJ Hales (December)


“…now that he is functioning, including running … Indeed if I had arthroscoped the knee and he is back doing what he is doing at the moment, we would both be very pleased with his progress.”
70 year old male, Knee OA – Orthopaedic Consultant letter (December)


Women’s Health Penarth


“I found Rachel after 7.5 years of chronic pain following an infection, several doctors and other practitioners, supplements, herbs, diets, probiotics, painkillers and countless tests & scans revealing nothing. After second appointment with Rachel things started to continually improve and I do not have any more issues with pain. Very happy and highly recommending Rachel Disley Physiotherapy.”
ZP  (October)

About Rachel


Rachel Disley has run her own physiotherapy practice in Penarth since February 2018.  Prior to this Rachel worked in the Nuffield Cardiff Bay Hospital for over 10 years, as the Senior Physiotherapist for Musculoskeletal physiotherapy with special interests in Sports Injuries and Women’s Health.  Rachel has successfully treated Olympic and Commonwealth athletes ( see testimonals) for many years following  working in the Australian Institute of Sport ( AIS, Canberra). Rachel is an avid sports woman. Currently she plays International Masters Hockey for Wales and plays on the 1st Team for Penarth LHC. Rachel has Senior Leinster and Australian Capital Territory Hockey Caps, plays Golf (off a handicap of 7 – pre children) and tennis at Penarth Windsor LTC.  She uses this passion for sport with both her BSc Exercise Physiology and MSc Physiotherapy background to provide individualised goal centred (p)rehabilitation and prevention programmes for each client.


Rachel aims to make her physiotherapy practice in Penarth a complete (p)rehabilitation and injury prevention hub and has set up the successful “Silver Fit” Exercise Class. 1 in 3 over 65 Year Olds fall every year (PHE, 2018).  Therefore, these evidence-based Virtual Group Exercise Classes improve individual’s strength and balance, ensuring participants minimise their risk of falls and stay independent in the activities they love (www.agile.csp.org.uk, 2020).